Winter 2018

I’ve been working a lot on my own practice. Getting myself on my mat helps me clear my head. It is also right after a great practice that I think of my most insightful and thought provoking blog posts. It is about 3 min after that, when the phone rings or the light changes and I completely forget what I was going to write.

But a new year lends itself to new introspection and for me this usually starts well after the actual first of the year. It takes me a while to really define what it is I need to work on. But I decided that this year is the year of no. I have committed to saying no to projects or plans that will overwhelm my schedule. No to nights out and parties I don’t want to attend. But most importantly I’m saying NO to that little voice in my head that tells me I can’t do something. Can’t teach something. Can’t learn something. Now I say no and move myself forward.

So this year I will make the videos my clients have been asking for. I will teach the classes that are in my heart, I will acknowledge that there are some poses I just can’t do and I will acknowledge that there are some poses I’m damn good at!

I will say no to the things that bog me down, so that I can be more present for the things and the people that lift me up. I will say no to the students that think they can’t do yoga, that think that they aren’t good enough, flexible enough so they can see how amazing they truly are. Because NO yoga isn’t about being flexible or being ‘good’, its about getting on your mat and remembering to breathe.

So no more excuses…I look forward to sharing my progress with you on-line and in the studio.


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