Back to school

This year back to school time is one of many milestones for me. It is the first year I don’t have any children in elementary school, it’s the first year I started with out my husband in town and it’s the first year I had my own business.

Summer as a small business owner was challenging. For the first time I didn’t have co-workers to sub my classes. I had to figure out how to run my business with my families busy summer schedule. I’m not sure I did a great job of it, but I survived.  I keep learning and with that is accepting my downs as well as my ups.

Now summer is over and routine and schedules are back on. With that I am starting up my regular teaching schedule. Those of you who look at MindBody will notice the 10:00am sculpt classes on Monday and Wednesday are not on the schedule. Instead I have started “Work it Wednesday”. This high intensity class will offer elements of sculpt along with power yoga, sure to be a lot of fun and a great way to sweat. Schedules are always subject to change, so feedback is welcomed.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat. As always please reach out with any questions, concerns or nice thoughts.


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Location Sandy Springs, GA Phone 404-784-1119 E-mail Hours Classes are taught Monday- Friday. Privates are scheduled any time.
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