Summer Fun, Summer Fitness

It is officially summer here in Atlanta. The start of camp, swim team and vacations. It is also the start of kids home all day, drinks by the pool, and sweet treats on hot days. We catch up on sleep and TV in the summer, but usually not on fitness and exercise. But we should! Summer should be the time to try new classes, get into new routines or to catch-up on the workouts you missed at the end of the year.

In summer I personally love being able to run before everyone gets up in the morning, practice yoga in the middle of the day and try some new workouts in the pool.  Of course I do enjoy lazy days as well, but I work hard to make sure there are just as many active ones; keeping me balanced.  Because that is the real goal- staying balanced. Finding the right amount of work and play in the summer is as important as finding the right amount of play and work during the school year.

So I invite you to try something new this summer, stay active and most importantly come join me on the mat. Summer classes are ongoing at Caren’s Yoga. Drop in for one class, or come three times a week. But be sure to check the schedule for cancellations, I’m balancing play into my summer too!


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Location Sandy Springs, GA Phone 404-784-1119 E-mail Hours Classes are taught Monday- Friday. Privates are scheduled any time.
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