You Shouldn’t Be In Pain.

I feel like my title is obvious, most people know they shouldn’t be in pain and yet so many people are. Everyday someone tells me how their back hurts, their feet ache. their hamstrings are tight. How they aren’t living the life they imagined because they are in pain. And so many of you have just accepted this pain.

I want you to know that you don’t have to accept pain. You don’t have to live a life without movement and exercise. Yoga can help. Really, truly, yoga can help. I have helped the sceptics and the non-believers. I have helped people who couldn’t walk into the studio and I have helped current students who ‘did something funny’ to their foot.

There is an assumption that yoga is about wearing tight clothes and moving your body into impossible to imagine pretzel shapes. But the reality is that yoga is about finding balance in your body and your life. It’s about opening your hips and stretching you feet and for so many it’s about finding relief from pain.

I could post testimonials here, I could give many examples. But the truth is, it’s up to you. Are you ready to live a life without pain?

Come see me and find out.

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