Putting myself out there.

A couple of month ago I started adding more classes to my home studio schedule. I realized I loved teaching from my own space and as my schedule grew, I knew my heart was in my home studio. So a few weeks ago I took the leap and began teaching exclusively from my home studio.

Let me tell you something, this is scary. It’s just me- if people come or don’t,  it’s just me. If my students love the classes or hate them, it’s just me. If the studio is opened on time, clean, towels ready, music on….. just me. And there are days I really want to hide from it all. But more often then not there are days of pure joy, classes when we all laugh a lot and students who thank me for creating a warm inviting place.

As a teacher I ask my students to show up. I ask them to get on their mat and try something new. Now I’m asking that of myself and it is scary, but its also amazing.

I plan to continue to show up. I hope you will join me.

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