Back to School, Back to Schedule.

Life is back to a schedule here in my family. We are waking up early and going to bed, hopefully, early. Each day has a rhythm, a plan and it feels good to be in it. Summer was wonderful, but this time of year is too. With this comes a natural tendency to want to do you. Most parents spend summer doing their kids- now it’s time for you. What are you doing for you? I am going through a teacher training working towards my 500 hours. This training is splitting my heart wide open. I love the radical changes I’m seeing, they are scary but they are necessary. Does yoga fall into what you need? Come see me for a class or a private. I’m always happy to share what I learn with my students and to make sure you- do you.

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Location Sandy Springs, GA Phone 404-784-1119 E-mail Hours Classes are taught Monday- Friday. Privates are scheduled any time.
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