New year, New you?


As we begin the new year many of us make a resolution to begin a new habit. Eating right, working out, being kinder…..whatever our resolution, the challenge is sticking with it.  There are all sorts of tips to keep you on your path; set reminder messages in your calendar, make a pact with a friend, pick a date and set a reward if your still at it by that date, etc. etc.

But here is the best tip, let it go. If you do stick with it, great, but if you don’t (and if you never do) then let it go. We all get caught up in the world around us. Our diets, our exercise and our resolve to stick with them is created more by the media than by our own true selves. So this year, resolve to give yourself a break and take all that energy and enthusiasm and put it towards today and only today.


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