A labor of love

As summer dwindles into spring we look to our mat for renewal.  Be it from summer travels or lazy days by the pool, many of us slack off our fitness routines over the summer. While the fitness gurus will tell you there is never a reason for downtime, I say enjoy your break and enjoy your return. Sometimes a vacation from our mat and our routine is just what we need to revitalize our practice.

So now your goal is to ease into your return. Whether it was for a few days or a few weeks, coming back to yoga has to be appreciated as much as the break away. Your mind will know the poses but your body is not ready for a sharp and sudden return. Enjoy your journey back into yoga as much as you enjoyed first discovering yoga in the first place.

Calm your mind and let go of your ego, your body will respond and your soul will rejoice.

As your practice resumes or as your practice begins for the first time, you will celebrate the crisp fall air, the back to school routines and the new season openness; discovering that the end of vacation is merely another beginning.

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