Cold weather, warm muscles

The stores might be displaying spring merchandise and my kids are going, shivering, to their spring sport practices but it’s still COLD outside. Cold, grey and wintery. So the calendar may say March is close, this is still a winter post.

This post is about resisting a common temptation. The temptation to just hibernate this time of year. The holidays are a distant memory and your new year enthusiasm has long since faded away. The desire to just wait until the weather gets nice is a strong temptation. But let me inspire you to come to your mat, for the first time in months, weeks or even for the first time ever.

Yoga is a perfect antidote to the cold weather blues. Yoga can warm your soul while warming your muscles.  A vigorous yoga process will build heat in your body and relief in your heart.

Yoga creates community, it brings joy to cold grey days. It is hard to walk into a yoga class and then just walk out without a hello or goodbye. When you arch your back and move your chest forward in a pose, you are opening your heart. When you twist your spine you are releasing toxins and when you stretch your muscles you are removing stress from your body. It is hard to change your body with out changing your mind.

And if the chance to sweat, the chance to release stress and toxins, the opportunity to see friends ( both new and old!)  isn’t enough to entice you to your mat. Come for Savasana. The final resting pose is a teacher prescribed nap. No other work out class will ask you to lie down and relax your body and mind.

So leave your couch, your TV and your computer. Work can wait and so can the kids. You can leave your comfy sweats on or legitmately wear your yoga pants. Come join me on the mat.

Spring really is around the corner…… but its better to be warm now

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