I have seen several posts, articles and emails about Ahimsa lately. It has made me reflect on what it means to do no harm. Globally the implications are huge, so I would like to take it personally. 

To me; for me, Ahimsa means to do no harm to my body. 

As a yoga practitioner I tend to think I can do whatever I want and later I can ‘yoga’ it out.

Eat to much? Do an extra 30 minutes! Drink to much? Some twists can detoxify! Run to far, to often? Stretch, flow- open the hips back up.

But isn’t this doing harm? I’m harming my body by not respecting its needs and I am harming my practice by treating like a magic cure and not a place to reflect and grow from.

When we harm ourselves, we harm everyone around us. How can I be a good example to my children when I am running myself ragged. How can I find the time to volunteer or help my community when I am constantly going from one activity to the next. 

This fall I am dedicating myself to Ahimsa. I am going to try and do no harm, to myself. 

I invite you to do the same.

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