Summer Yoga

Vacations, lazy days at the pool, family in town, kids around all day- there are many challenges to keep us away from our yoga practice.

I have been very impressed by my students consistency. They have made it to class and requested travel yoga guides for their vacations. Even practicing five minutes a day does a lot to keep the mind centered and the body open.

What if you fall in the other category? Summer just got the best of your intentions. It’s ok – Just Breathe, no really just breathe.

Finding your breath and centering yourself is the first step back to your practice.

When you are ready to come back to class be sure to listen to your body. Your brain will want to practice where you were, but your body might not be there yet. Listen to your body over your brain.

Yoga is accesible to all bodies and all levels. Sometimes all the levels and the different bodies might even be your own.

Enjoy your summer and find your way back to your mat. If you are in Sandy Springs, GA I have several new classes available!  I look forward to seeing you on your mat or hearing about your experiences wherever you choose to practice.



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